Buying made in Canada is good for us all

All of our Tree-Free Cards are made in Canada.

#BuyCanadian is trending and it always should be.

The smallest purchase can make an influential impact on our economy.

Take something as simple as greeting cards for example.

We manufacture every Tree-Free greeting card locally using a family-owned printing business, they are warehoused by another Canadian owned family business then sold and merchandised by, you guessed it, a network of independent Canadian owned small businesses.

That’s a lot of people, in every province, that gets financially supported by a single, small purchase.

By purchasing any made in Canada item, your dollars go into the communities where they were made and make this country more self-reliant.

So, next time you send a greeting card (and we’re ok if you don’t buy one of ours), check to see if it’s Made in Canada, it’s a little thing that will add up.