Meet the Artist: Lucienne Morin

Card number 3 in the Tree-Free Canada Arts series is this striking image of a young deer by Quebec based photographer Lucienne Morin. Lucienne has a wonderful portfolio but this striking image was our favourite and quickly added to this first wave of cards.

Let’s chat with Lucienne to find out more:

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Your name and what do you do?

My Name is Lucienne Morin – I am a Wildlife, and Nature Photographer?

What drew you to this medium?

I have always had a passion for Photography since I was a young girl. My Father was an artist and photographer who inspired me immensely.

Whose work inspired you to get into this field?

There are many wonderful artists who have inspired me throughout the years. Canadian and National Geographic inspired me a lot… Just to name a few Photographers who have inspired me in the last few year are, Annie Leibowitz, Geert Weggen, Ivan Lesca and Julian Rad, as they helped bring out the type of photographer I want to be known as and sought upon…

What subject matter brings you the most joy?

Wildlife, Portraits and Abstracts bring me the most joy.

What would you consider a quintessential Canadian image?

Canadian Wildlife and Landscape would be what I would consider the best quintessential Canadian images, as we have some of the most amazing green spaces and unique wildlife in the world.

What themes do you pursue?

I always consider capturing a moment regardless of what it is. You can find the moment if you truly look for it.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

To have been published through an assignment on National Geographic in 2014. “The 23 most heartwarming shots”.  and

What drew you to the Tree-Free Canada Arts Project?

I was drawn to Tree-Free Canada Arts project on the Canada 150 assignment over a year ago but knew of this company and their beautiful art work in the past and have purchased many of their cards as they are truly unique, lovable refreshing and truly memorable …

What is the best advice you ever received that you’d like to pass on to beginners?

To believe in yourself that if you have a dream and a passion, give your best and great things will follow…

Lucienne’s wonderful card is available at finer retailers across Canada right now.

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